chocolate chip cookie + tahini honey cream icebox cake

Hullo? Still with me?

I moved from my tiny East Village abode to an apartment in Brooklyn, so pardon the temporary silence. I like the new hood. I forgot how much quieter it is here at night, even in a bzzzzy neighborhood like Williamsburg. I hear birds in the morning. Birds. I look out my window and see sky. Aside from the rush hour L train, which makes me consider swimming across the East River instead of dealing with the grouchy mobs trying to squeeze their way into the train cart, I’m good with the change. I love figuring out which coffee spots/bars to make mine. Preferred spots include Devocion, Bakeri and Nights And Weekends (for dranks). Then there’s my new reading nook. This makes me v happy.


Another thing that makes me (and every warm-blooded sentient being) very happy is cake. Especially a cake I don’t even have to bake! The first time I tried an icebox cake was at a dinner party in East Williamsburg. Someone brought one for dessert, and I want to say it was layered with banana cream and some type of wafers… I can definitely say it was yum, so yum I forgot to ask what was going on there. I did my homework and found out that an icebox cake is basically layers of cookies and whipped cream, sometimes formed as a log, then turned on its side and sliced so you can see all the purty layers. When JOLYcake sent me their cake collars, I knew my time had come to try my hand at an icebox cake.

My first attempt was the traditional icebox recipe, using a fresh batch of whipped cream and chocolate wafers. I didn’t realize that the wafers called for aren’t the cake-coney type wafers – they’re the Nabisco, solid cookie wafers (which are surprisingly hard to find at pseudo-supermarkets in Brooklyn). The intro cake was delish, but without the solidity of the proper wafers, the cake form couldn’t hold, and my friends and I resorted to scooping huge spoonfuls into our mouths onto plates. Also, I brought said cake onto the morning L train to transport it to said friends: rookie move. Definitely caused some meltagThe second time around, I went all out. Forget the wafers, I’m doing chocolate chip cookies – good old Chips Ahoy – with tahini + honey whipped cream!  The combination of slightly sweet, nutty whipped cream and the crunchy choc chip cookies was on point – this is how you make friends and influence people. Seriously though, make this cake. It’s a took-the-first-bite-and-thought-damn kinda cake. Plus it’s almost warm weather cake season.

Happy Sunday, amigos!

layers icebox cake

icebox cake

cake party

chocolate chip icebox cake

icebox cake party


  • 1 package of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies
  • 1 pint organic heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup pure tahini – I LOVE LOVE a new place in Chelsea Market called Seed and Mill – try their halva or forever hold your peace
  • 30 roasted and salted pistachios, de-shelled, coarsely chopped


whipped cream

  • start by putting your large (preferably metal) bowl and metal whisk into the freezer for at least 10 minutes; the heavy cream should also be very cold
  • pour cream into your icey cold bowl and starting whiskey at high speed (by hand or electronic or an old hand-crank thing like I use), whisk 5 minutes or so
    • minute 1 – cream becomes frothy – keep going
    • minute 2 – cream starts thickening – be sure to move your whisk around the bowl, turning the bowl if necessary
    • minute 4 – your stiff peaks should be forming
  • once your cream is thick enough to stick to the whisk, pour in honey and tahini, and whisk for another minute. you may have to use a spoon to mix, as these ingredients are heavier and will drop to the bottom


  • use a cake collar to form a 6″ round cake on top of a large plate
  • use a rubber spatula to spread a thin layer of cream on the bottom inside of the cake collar – spin the plate to get a smooth layer
  • set a layer of cookies on top of cream; spread a thick layer of cream on top; then repeat layers until all cookies are used; sprinkle top layer of cream with chopped pistachios
  • freeze cake (with airtight cover if possible) for a few hours or overnight
  • when ready to serve, carefully slice with a sharp knife.
  • enjoi.

tahini honey icebox cake

Thanks to JOLYcake for sending me their super easy-to-use cake collars. 




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