yellow gazpacho

This past week, there were highs and lows. Temperatures were high and the amount of AC in my apartment was low. Guernica magazine published a sort of ode to chicken tenders (high brow low, in a good way). First We Feast released an exclusive interview with the Fuku chicken sandwich (low brow high, also in a good way).  It was so hot on Friday that I drank cold soup poured straight from a box because I looked at my kitchen and thought EGHHHH I CAN’T (low)… but then I redeemed myself on Sunday by making homemade cold soup (gazpacho) with my brother and sis-in-law using yellow heirloom tomatoes (high!). And somewhere in between we managed to fit in a few lazy hours of daytime drinking, and then I went to a late-night movie by myself on Saturday night because sometimes I like doing that (double high!).


Onto the gazpacho, my go-to dish for hot days. I never ever use a recipe because the amounts of ingredients depends on taste. The order of preparing your ingredients, yea, that’s sorta’ important. But more important is tasting as you go along and figuring out how you like it. Some people (eh hem, brother and sis-in-law) like their gazpacho so garlicky that you can sneeze and kill all of the vampires in all of the boroughs. Some (me) like it milder. It’s a recipe for experimenting with. A little more vinegar, a little less bread, a little more olive oil – you get it.


So we whipped up the gazpacho, poured some chilly Sauv Blanc and had a very summery supper in the garden, putting to good use all of the leftovers from the week, like a tortilla española and some homemade croquetas (coming soon to B2S….). Hope you had a most complete weekend, with highs trumping the lows. Cocinamos!

yellow_gazpacho manzanilla yellow_gazpacho3



  • three or four large yellow heirloom tomatoes (or 1.5 – 2 pounds)
  • half of a day old baguette
  • quality sherry
  • apple cider vinegar
  • extra virgin olive oil (recommended: a strong, flavorful Spanish variety)
  • 1 large or 2 small cloves of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon coarse salt + more to taste


  • quarter tomatoes, removing the stems, and any brown, ugly spots
  • process tomatoes in food processor, or, if you only have a hand blender (like me yesterday), no pasa nada, it will just take longer and you will have to strain out the skin later with a fine sieve
  • tear bread into small chunks and soak in the tomato mixture for a few minutes, then blend
  • add half of your garlic, blend, then add half of your salt and a splash of each of the vinegar and sherry; blend again
  • stream in olive oil, about a quarter to half cup; color should become brighter and texture will start to look creamy
  • taste! does it need more salt? more kick from garlic? more acid from the vinegar? more olive oily flavor? now is the time to figure out how you like it
  • strain with fine sieve if necessary to remove tomato skin or bread crust bits
  • refrigerate for at least an hour before serving; serve cold with any toppings you like: avocado, jamón, olive-oil packed tuna, hard boiled egg, fried bread…. go wild



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      1. Haha, I heard that. I got the name and the spelling when I was pregnant and trading a romance novel with that name in it and thought to myself, that’s a beautiful name, I think her name shall be that haha.

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