peanut butter cookies


OK. I know I said I’m not converting to veganism, but I’m starting to like the challenge of taking a classic dessert and turning it into its most animal-friendly form.

Life update: Back2USA.  Suffering from mild symptoms of reverse culture shock (Dinner already? My heavens, I can’t even THINK of eating before 10pm), but finding relief in all of those things that make home home.

I’ve been spending a solid hour on the phone with my sister each day, eating oatmeal, gutting saggy pumpkins, scaring deer away from the porch, raking wet leaves off my mom’s lawn and reading her old cookbooks. Like this gem …


I love reading old cookbooks. I love how they include outdated social norms, like tips for entertaining that are clearly directed toward women, who should be completely charming/engaging/funny while they gracefully clean up after their husbands.

Sometimes you even find little treasures tucked between pages as makeshift bookmarks, like this old letter from 1975, from  my uncle to my mom when she was living in California. How bout that rocket stamp?


Home means seven jars of half-eaten organic peanut butter always in the fridge. When I saw a recipe for peanut butter cookies, I was like, Yup, that’s happening. 

So I adapted the peanut butter cookie recipe from the 1975 Edition of Joy of Cooking into vegan peanut butter cookies, substituting coconut oil for butter and 1/2 puréed banana for an egg, and adding a few sprinkles of cardamom.  And although one of my most trusted blog advisers informed me that my cookies look like mini burgers (and I was all “Nuh uh, they’re totally ovals”), I refuse to CHEAPEN the cookies for us by dressing them up with frosting or any other gnarly toppings to prove their cookie-ness. So munch on these peanut butter cookies disguised as mini burgers. Cocinamos!



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