Costa Brava + travel links

Travel photography has probably changed since Instagram.

I mean, there are people getting PAID TO INSTAGRAM their adventures…. which feels a bit like commodification of… fun?

Still, travel snaps serve the invaluable purpose of inspiring you to go somewhere new, or try something you never considered before.

Like THIS really made me want to visit Serbia…

I DEFINITELY want to try some of THESE SNACKIES in India…

Plus I’ve been dying to get a peek inside CLAMATO, the new oyster bar in Paris by the guys from Septime (where I did a short stage back in 2012)…

Is there anything more suited to the romantic spirit than an epic journey by TRAIN ???

And OH MY GYASH, how bout this FOOD HIKE in Newfoundland …

To hopefully whet your travel appetite, here are a few snaps from my ramblings around Costa Brava which looks something like this:

map: Costa Brava and surrounding area
map: Costa Brava and surrounding area

We drove on windy roads and over volcanic-looking terrain to visit Portlligat (where Salvador Dali lived and worked – see the arrow pointing to his house, below), Cap de Creus, Cadaqués … and along the way, ate snails cooked Catalan style (cargols a la llauna) – olive oil, pepper and course salt – which I venture to say I liked even more than drowning-in-butter style… Vamos!

Dali's house in Portlligat

neighbor to Portlligat Museum-House



Cap de Creus

Cap de Creus


snails cooked in olive oil, garlic and course salt


4 thoughts on “Costa Brava + travel links

  1. Was in Serbia this summer for the second time and LOVED it. Belgrade is an amazing city! I was surprised and happy to see it on the Lonely Planet list for 2015. Also visited Figueres 20 years ago after being kicked out of France (long story but not my fault, I swear!) and had a wonderful time there. Best wishes, SWMBO

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