PB&J Sundae

crumble coating time

The scoop: helado de nata (translation: cream ice cream – yup), roasted almond butter, cardamom crumble, strawberries and mint leaves (only the tiniest leaves, which are more potent). Yes, the title of this post is a misnomer – it’s not PB&J. But it is inspired by the classic childhood sandwich combo. And the whole throwback theme is inspired by a blog I came across, My Name is Yeh, which recently featured a post on Choco Tacos. Yum.

Truth be told, my childhood lunch bags were not filled with PB&Js. In fact, I made a point of choosing PB&J as the one food that I categorically did not like. But as I grew older and gained maturity and self-acceptance, I embraced the inner PB&J lover that was always within. Now, if I had to choose a food to eat every single day without fail, I would choose PB&J. (Yes, I do pose these hypotheticals to myself.)

With this recipe, I’m saving you from that moment in the grocery store when you cringe and look away as you drop another $9 organic almond butter in your shopping cart – sure, you promise yourself it will last a month or at least a few weeks, but seriously – who are you kidding? Making it yourself will give you a sense of virtuosity, economic sensibility and craftiness – basically Martha Stewart. Cocinamos!


cardamom crumble

the sundae

Roasted Almond Butter


1 cup raw almonds

1/5 cup sunflower oil

salt to taste


Spread almonds on a baking sheet and roast at 325 F for 12 minutes or until toasted until golden brown/brown. While still hot, add to a blend-safe container (I prefer the long cylindrical tube variety for this job) and add sunflower oil. Blend with hand blender, pulsing at first to prevent almond shrapnel, for 5 minutes or until smooth to your liking.


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