Less isn’t always more, but sometimes it’s what you need to wholly disconnect from city life. And that’s what Mundaka,  port town a half hour from Bilbao on the northern coast of Spain, offers – a small beach, a few terraces on the water and serene views of the sea – a place to disconnect. Mundaka’s known for its awesome surf wave, which does not appear often, but when it does, is as near to perfect as waves come (so says the girl who’s taken all of 3 surf lessons). But as a very amateur surfer and a tired cook, I enjoyed hanging out in a waveless Mundaka. My boyfriend and I bought bread at one of our favorite panaderias in Bilbao, Labeko, and had a picnic of curried chicken salad sandwiches (not pictured) by the sea. And of course, we finished the trip with ice cream cones of turrón and nata con nueces. Vamos!


6 thoughts on “Mundaka

  1. Cool! You know where you should go, as long as you are so close, is Castro Urdiales, it has a great little castle and some gorgeous little streets and restaurants. We stopped while I lived at the summer camp on a trip between Bilbao and Santander. We were the only non-Iberian people there except for those who were riding or walking through on the Camino. It was awesome!

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